Coffee and Tables

October 13, 2012

I have never been a coffee drinker... Loved the smell... Loved tiramisu...but never got into coffee.

That was until necessity called. Overseas with 38 students, 4 staff and I was soon starting to realise that just having a hot chocolate during the daily coffee run was not going to cut it. So was quickly persuaded that something stronger might be good for me... And so the coffee drinking began!!!

Well, now that I am a coffee drinker, I decided that I now needed a proper coffee table. Well, not really, but I thought the segway was appropriate. 

I have been enthralled by the number of up cycled pallets on pinterest and so I decided it was time to give it a go.

It appears people were quite doubtful when I told them my holiday project was converting a pallet into a table.  Anyway, I was all excited for how it could go. I actually hadn't figured out how I was going to go about this until I had the pallet and could actually see and feel what it's character was like.


And so here it was. A bit crusty in parts, but with character and a good size. I thought about whether I could or should add planks or not but I loved the simplicity of what it was. So, out came the trusty sander, a whole heap of elbow grease and I had sanded it back.

Next some stain. I had 3/4 of a pot left over from my chairs and hey as it said 16sq metres coverage I was sure it would suffice.  Well- I struggled to get 1 coat on just the top bits out of the tin- so it really was some thirsty wood. A second tin later and it had a double coat. 

It came time to attach some wheels. I really must get my own drill. Maybe that can go on the Christmas wish list. (brothers- take note) So, anyway, mum came over with dads drill to lend a hand or two!


The absolute joy and excitement I felt when I was able to turn it over onto its wheels. It looked so cool!! It's so amazing what can be turned into something lovely.
A few days later my glass was ready from a local glass person. I had ordered a 90cm x95cm piece of glass- 6mm. Plus 2 pieces 40cm x 90cm to fit in as shelves.

Picked it up. Popped on some gel dots to even things out and popped it on the top and we were done!!

I absolutely love it!

A lovely table to enjoy coffee (and plenty of cake) at!!

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