simply living (with Chronic Fatigue)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or myalgic encephomyelitis (as it is less commonly known) is a whole lot more than being tired. I sometimes wish I was just tired.

So, I thought I would just post a little about what it is, how it works and maybe how it looks in my life. I might put up some info, or links to other sites. Just so those who might be interested might be able to find out a bit more.


My Chronic Fatigue Journey

I've been encouraged by reading the journey of others who are walking with CFS. So here is part of my story.

Living with Chronic Fatigue

5 Things I Wish People Understood About My Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
What do I wish others are my thoughts!

a letter to the world
This is a thank you letter to those around me. I hope that in some way others are encouraged to be thinking about how they are caring for those around them. A version of this letter was published on The Mighty.

THIS is what it feels like...what tired means to a person with chronic fatigue syndrome.
Tired can mean so much. You can be tired after work, tired after a long week of one thing after the other, after running a marathon, or you can be tired from the moment you wake up. This is what it feels like to someone with CFS. A version of this article was published on The Mighty.

A little while ago, this article hit Mamamia and The Glow. What is Chronic Fatigue Like.
Thought the writer has experienced CFS in its more extreme form than I have, it is a useful read if you want to get a glimpse into what this disease looks like.
I also love that CFS is getting a bit of media attention...anything to further the understanding.

CFS Crashes

Here is a great visual about CFS crashes... check out Sweet Briar Sisters  to find out more and to find some really cool patterns for toys and the like.

CFS Crash Calculations (from Sweet Briar Sisters)


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