simply baked

I love baking! I love whipping up something for friends and family.

I hate recipes. I hate the requirement of recipes for things to be exact. I ain't got no time for that!
So instead, most of my recipes are vague and you need to be creative and use your intuition as you bake.


I love the simplicity of a slice. Something you can mix together, throw in the oven or fridge and then serve up with a few simple slices.

Raspberry Coconut Brownies


Cake, oh cake, you can't go wrong with cake. I love what you can do with cake. Take a simple butter cake and make a tasty exquisite treat.
However, I am not much of a chocolate cake just doesn't rock my world. This chocolate cake is actually pretty good!

Chocolate Cake topped with chocolate mousse ganache and berries

Chocolate Cake gf/df

Honeycomb Layer Cake

Sweet Stuff

I love dessert! It is the best part of a meal. I will happily chose my main course based on what I am going to eat for dessert at a restaurant. This is slightly harder these days with many desserts served being uneatable with my limited diet. I often volunteer to bring dessert when heading to a friend's place for dinner, so that there is a dessert that I can enjoy too!
Quite often, a lot of the things I make, nobody notices that they are paleo or dairy free. They just enjoy them.

Chocolate Hearts

Berry Nice Dessert gf/df

Chocolate Hearts gf/df

Jam gf/df

Mango Icecream Bites gf/df/paleo


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