A sweet treat for my Valentines

February 14, 2013

I was so blessed today to spend a beautiful evening with some friends, using Valentine's Day as a good excuse for a catch up. Our host made the evening very special with a beautiful set up, well thought out food, and good company.
I was in charge of dessert...
My forte.

I had made berry yoghurt Pavlova for dessert (recipe to come) but decided we needed a bit of something special and Pinterest inspired as well.
I don't think I have every reprinted these myself, so can't remember where I may have seen them before... But here is my Valentine's take on an Oreo lolly pop.

Valentines Oreo Lolly Pop
- pack of Oreos-
- 250g white chocolate-
-wooden skewers-
- strawberry essence-
-pink food colouring-

1. Take an Oreo and shove a skewer up between the layers. Do this carefully... They do like to split.
2. Melt white chocolate ( see my chocolate bark recipes for melting tips) in a deep but small microwave dish.
3. Once melted, mix in a few drops of strawberry essence and some pink colouring. Stir until smooth.
4. Carefully dip the Oreo on skewer into the chocolate mix and ensure it is fully covered.
5. Remove from chocolate and place on paper lined baking tray. Be careful they may slip off or split in the process. Use a spoon to assist.
6. Repeat with all Oreos before sprinkling sprinkles on Oreos.
7. Place in fridge to set.

Happy Valentine's/Single Awareness Day!!

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