The construction and demolition of the honeycomb layer cake

July 17, 2013

Would you believe this delectable honeycomb layer cake was made for a 28th birthday?
And boy, was it demolished...

The thing was, however, it was one of the simplest cakes I have ever made, but still had the fun, the taste and the wow factor.

So, honeycomb layer cake...

2 packets of Greens basic chocolate cake mix ( and the eggs, milk and butter required to make this cake mix)
2 cups or so of chocolate chips
A packet of honeycomb (not chocolate covered)
A packet of chocolate covered honeycomb
600mL of thickened cream
What to do...

1. Preheat oven to 180'C.
2. Make up packet mix as per instructions.
3. Divide mix equally in 3 tins of identical size. I used a large springform tin, as I was feeding 20 people, and just did 3 batches in the oven.
4. On top of each batch sprinkle 1/3 cup chocolate chips before baking until cooked in the oven.
5. Whilst they are cooking... food process (or bash up real good) the plain honeycomb until a fine dust. Whip 400ml of the cream. Mix in the honeycomb. Place in the fridge.
6. Warm the remaining cream in the microwave or on the stove until hot but not burning. Pour over the other cup of chocolate chips and stir until melted. Place in the fridge until cool.
7. Once chocolate cream mix has cooled, whip mixture with a stand mixer until of a thickened consistency. Set aside.
8. Crush up chocolate covered honeycomb. I find a rolling pin to the unopened bag works well enough.
9. Once the cakes have cooled...assemble....cake....honeycomb cream...cake....honeycomb cream...cake...pile on the chocolate ganache cream...pour on the chocolate honeycomb and maybe add some matchbox construction machines for effect.
10. Serve!

Happy Birthday Brendan!!!

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