5 Things I Wish People Knew About My Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

October 07, 2015

It's my birthday today. And yes I have already started the celebration of Kate with cake this week. I have also enjoyed celebrating with family and friends.
However, I was also a bit excited when a post I wrote for The Mighty was published today. 

Here is a taster...

Each and every day I am fighting to challenge the perceptions surrounding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), whether this be with well-intentioned family or friends, disbelieving medical professionals, or random acquaintances who are convinced to sell me the special (expensive) supplement that healed their great aunt.

Walking through life with this disease has been both a battle and a blessing for me over the past three years. It has turned my life completely upside down. It has impacted my health, fitness, social life, finances, living situation, independence and career. There have been plenty of hard days, but surprisingly many moments of joy too. However, one challenge I end up facing time and time again is not from the disease itself, but from those around me, and their understanding of this disease.

So, here is what I wish people understood about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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  1. I saw this on The Mighty. Spot on. Nice to discover your blog.

  2. I saw this on The Mighty. Spot on. Nice to discover your blog. Happy birthday!!!!

  3. My daughter has had this awful illness since 2013 You have described it so perfectly. Thank you for sharing your experience - its comforting to know others understand.

  4. My daughter has struggled with this illness since 2013. You have described it so well! Thank you for sharing your experiences. It's comforting to know someone understands.

  5. Kate, I suffered with CFS for almost 15 years. I'm pretty much out the other side now, but I know I'll never be who I once was. It's a demon. If you ever want to unload, or vent, or whatever, feel free to reach me via my website: www.karenmiller.net

  6. I also had my birthday last week and it marks two years with the disease. Without the Lord I would feel so hopeless, but knowing that he designs and works all things for the greater good is priceless. Reading your blog helped me to not feel so alone. Very isolating this illness and it is easy to be misunderstood. Gentle hug. Www . banksabroad@hotmail.com

  7. I have had CVS since my sophomore year in college (1986). Your article was truly the best I have read about the challenges we face. I could have written it myself because you were spot on (but not as eloquently). Thank you for writing an article that I could pass on to my parents and my husband who even after all these years don't understand this complex illness. Warmly, Kelly



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