10 Things Not To Do When Super Pooped (i.e. What Katie Did on Tuesday)

September 28, 2016

When you are crazily fatigued and exhausted you enter into another realm...it is the realm of the super pooped. No rational thinking occurs at this point. Random acts magically take place. The world is not a safe place with the super pooped on the loose!

Make It, Bake It, Fake It

Here are some words of wisdom...

10 Things Not To Do When Super Pooped

i.e. What Katie Did on Tuesday

1. Drive...yes, you have good automatic recall of how to actually drive, but when you can't remember how you actually made it to your appointment, start worrying...then there is the parking...yes, my car has more dings in it post CFS than life before...thankfully none added today! However, I did have to suppress a giggle at the elderly woman in front of me taking 100 attempts, the poor soul, to get into an angled space with a pillar next to it. I was worried about her car more than mine.

2. Eat really good looking paleo treats (choc hazelnut brownie) when you order your coffee before your appointment because you are so excited they have a paleo treat whilst forgetting you are going to the appointment for the intense stomach pain you are having. Pure decadent torture!

3. Write a guest blog post whilst drinking that said coffee before the appointment, forgetting that you have barely left the house in a week, and not only have you just used 30 minutes cognitive energy leaving the house, you have also showered, dressed and are out in public, so trying to work the brain not a wise idea. No fear that blog post will most definitely edited before sending off!

4. Try and do anything other than smile politely with a medical secretary who gives you "the look" when you ask whether there is a concession consultation cost and try not to make too big a smirk when she says pointedly 'only for official concession card holders' and you pull your very official concession card out of your purse...and try and ignore her snide remarks about how much rebate you are getting back anyway...whilst trying to restrain the not very tactful monologue about how far that $20 difference will go, and that in fact the appointment fees are 1/3 of the amount of welfare money that I am living on each week....however, I kind of wish I could have let it loose...maybe next week when I am less super pooped.

5. Cook dinner. Note to self (and others) baking paper burns when near the element you have turned on really high. Fingers burn when they grab the baking tray in the process of putting out the resultant fire. And this means posts like this are written entirely with your left hand on your phone as your right hand is now out of action, stinging like crazy. 
Note to self 2. Check smoke alarms that didn't go off despite fire.

6. Cook dinner (Part B). Because when making pizza on gluten free wraps for 3 it is important to check: 
A. How many wraps are in the pack...(2 it turns out, hence leading to point 5 drama when I tried to make an eggplant base for myself). 
B. If we actually have any cheese! As a non cheese eater I don't pay much attention to this...I just presume it will be in the fridge. Turns out. Don't presume.

7. Post on social media. A bit like how the movies portray drunken texting of the ex in the early hours of the morning. Brain ain't functioning clearly. Had just spent an hour taking part in a mass tweet-a-thon for Millions Missing day...thankfully all my Twitter followers are all chronic illness related (apart from my poor mum!), but then forget the rest of the social media world isn't probably able to cope with the bombardment of random posts...so end up posting and deleting a whole lot...which I guess I can do unlike a drunken text, and seeing as Facebook pages formulas mean barely anyone sees my page posts anyway!

8. Try to remember where you hid your flat mates birthday present you bought months ago (cause you are a mostly organised individual!) so you can wrap it. Found it eventually...part in an unpacked box of handbags and shoes, and the other park under my desk in my office (read...walk in wardrobe/shoe box of a creative space!). In the process start cleaning room and reorganising life at 8.30pm...with killer sore hand (see Point 5)

9. Try and use any adjectives other than 'nice' and 'good' when texting with a friend. Sadly no adjectives to come. Which is odd, because normally when I am super pooped I can write brilliant cheesy 25 words or less competition entries.

10. Start pondering life, your existence and why that other person hasn't texted you back at 9pm. Always a bad move in the evening. For anyone. Not just the super pooped.

11. Count.

12. Realise you have a great idea for a blog post about being super fatigued and all the really silly things you did today and so your left hand starts typing away on your phone. And then all hope of falling asleep despite being super pooped isn't going to happen for a few more hours as you have missed the window of sleep opportunity. And your hand really hurts...

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