Want to win? I love winning...here is your chance.

November 30, 2016

Competitions. I love to win competitions. 


Now I am giving you a chance to win a competition!

As part of the blogging network Chronic Illness Bloggers that I belong to here is this awesome opportunity to win a whole range of awesome products. Many of which have been road tested by members of the network over the past year. There are a few of the Organic Aromas Diffusers in the prize pool, too. Many of these prizes are health and illness related, so if you don't need them, I'm sure someone else in your life will be blessed immensely by you winning and passing them on. (Me included!) 
Now, there are 11 prize packs with 9 of them posting worldwide! Unfortunately for the final two prize packs you need to be US based, or happy to ship to a US address.

So get your winning on and enter here.
Get in quick as it closes on December 3rd, 2016.
Good luck!

“This giveaway is sponsored by Chronic Illness 
Prizes have been donated by the following: 
Amy Rheume - www.LivingTodayWell.com ; 
Alisha Nurse -https://theinvisiblef.com/; 
Aromafloria - http://www.aromafloria.com ; 
BackPainBlogUK - https://backpainbloguk.wordpress.com/ ;
Bridgwater Crafts - http://www.bridgwatercrafts.com/ ; 
BeingFibroMom – http://www.beingfibromom.com ;
Broken Teepee - http://brokenteepee.com/ ; 
Chronically Content - http://www.chronicallycontent.com ; 
Chronic Mom Life -http://www.chronicmomlife.com ; 
ColitisNinja – http://www.colitisninja.com ; 
The Fay Farm - http://www.thefayfarm.com ; 
Fed Up with Fatigue – http://www.fedupwithfatigue.com ; 
FibroCane – http://www.fibrocane.com ; 
Fresh Assist Spray –http://www.freshassistspray.com ; 
Gupta Programme - http://www.guptaprogramme.com/ ; 
HFactorWater -http://hfactorwater.com/ ; 
Kirsten Schulz - http://www.kirstenschultz.org/ ; 
Living Well Today - http://www.livingwelltoday.com ;
Living Grace Blog - http://livinggraceblog.com/ ; 
Lupus Chick - http://LupusChick.com ; 
Megan Schartner – http://www.liveken.com
Melissa Swanson – http://www.fibrowarriorslivinglife.com ; 
Mini2z - http://www.mini2z.com ; 
Natalie Abbott -http://www.stillicantbesilent.com ; 
Organic Aromas – http://www.OrganicAromas.com ; 
Oska Wellness - http://www.oskawellness.com ; 
The Pain Free Life - http://thepainfreelife.com ; 
Patient Playbook – http://patientsplaybook.com ;
Perfectly Ambitious Blog - http://www.perfectlyambitious.com/ ; 
Posture Pump – http://www.posturepump.com ; 
ProHealth –http://www.prohealth.com ; 
Rebuilding Wellness - http://rebuildingwellness.com ; 
Strength Flexibility Health EDS -http://www.strengthflexibilityhealtheds.com ; Sylk USA – http://www.sylkUSA.com ; 
Theraspecs - http://www.theraspecs.com ;
Vital Plan - https://vitalplan.com “

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