Crochet Vegetable Garden

January 13, 2017

This Christmas I was inspired by an Instagram picture of a set of felt veggies in a garden crate. Here was born the Crochet Vegetable Garden. I had no other inspiration for my newest here came this creation.

Make It, Bake It, Fake It

Step 1
Make crochet veggies out of cotton. Pick and choose your veggies. I found these patterns helpful as a starting point.

Crochet Carrots

Crochet Strawberries

Then kind of winged it...sorry for those that like exact patterns, Google a pattern or search on Pinterest and you will find some ideas.
It was fun getting into making veggies. Prior to this I had mainly mastered a granny square and variations. Once you have mastered the basics of increasing and decreasing, it is not too tricky.
The leaves were the best...a whole lot of winging it! Especially the lettuce. Because really lettuce can look like anything.

Once you get into the swing, I found I could do a veggie an evening.

Make It, Bake It, Fake It

Step 2:
Take a wooden crate and stamp/label your crate.
The teacher in me has a thing against play on language and spelling. Like there is no way I would ever send my child to a Childcare centre called Kids Korner, or other such poor attempts on the English language...if that is their starting point who knows what the quality of education would be like. 
Anyway, rant over. All that considered I couldn't go past my play on language with the "Sown by Kate".

Make It, Bake It, Fake It

Step 3:
Take a brown towel to make the dirt garden beds, fold into 3-4 folds. Stuff under each one with some poly fill or more cloth, and sew into place. I sewed through each one to keep them in shape, and then attached to the corner. Add some glue to secure, because hey, this is a kid toy and you might want to make things kid friendly!

Step 4: 
With a saddened heart, reluctantly hand this over to the child. I so wanted to keep this for my self.
Master Joshua better enjoy this over the years to come!

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  1. This is so cute! Good work! I have seen patterns for crocheted toys like this, but I have never attempted it.

    I like that you made the patterns up as you went along! I do the same thing half the time! :)

    1. Thanks Rachel, once I got into the basics they were remarkably easy. I'm tempted to try a cute little animal or something next...that is after the blanket I have promised Mum!

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  3. I thought these looked absolutely adorable! It makes a perfect "new neighbor welcome" gift for sure.

  4. I Loved this project! the hole thing was amazing!, thank you very much for sharing it! ^_~

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