2017 and Me

February 27, 2017

2017 and Me

Make It, Bake It, Fake It

I ended 2016 in despair. Was another year going to pass me by?
This disease...about to steal another year, it just doesn't seem fair.

The thought of continuing doing the mundane,
The appointments, the medications, the pain.
Over and over and over again.

I have so many dreams, so many hopes, so many ideas,
Yet, a body that would just rather say nope. 
Will those dreams continue to be unspoken?.
Will they never make it to light of day?

I sat there praying for the year to come.
For my heart was heavy and overcome.
My fears were holding me on the ledge,
Uncertainty beckons up ahead.

A word resonated in my heart...soar.
To soar? I questioned...I struggle to walk?!
Yet, two quotations came to mind...

Make It, Bake It, Fake It

"What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?"
"Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31 NIV
Make It, Bake It, Fake It

In 2017, I will not just take that step.
I will soar. And I need not despair,
I need not stumble through another year.
I will trust that I will soar this year...not in my power or my energy...
in the strength of the Lord, not me alone. 
Whatever that practically will look like,
I'm looking forward to 2017, the Lord and me!


So, what is that looking like...

I'm heading back to Uni!
I've begun the process of working towards a Master of Research.
Why? Why not? I've so missed the field I was working in before taking some time off to look after my health, so with my passion for supporting children who have experienced trauma, in the education setting, that is what I will be focusing on.
If you want to follow this journey specifically you can jump over to Student of the Year.

Anyway, I still need to figure out how this whole studying thing works with the whole MECFS thing...this will be a work in progress and I'm sure a learning curve. 
I'm currently enrolled in a quarter of a load...and still haven't figured out what needs to come out if my life for this to come in. The whole energy balance at play. But I am so excited! So loving getting back into the literature, and so nervous! I felt as nervous at my commencement session last week, as I did walking into that first lecture 17 odd years ago. 
So, 2017, the Lord, Uni and me!
Hope you keep following on here at Make It, Bake It, Fake It in 2017!

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