Peppermint Bark Crunch

December 10, 2012

My favourite of them all...

Peppermint Bark Crunch

200g white chocolate block
1 tsp Peppermint essence
Few drops of green colouring
200g milk chocolate block
1/2 block Cadbury Mint Bubbly or something similar

1. Break up white chocolate and place in microwave dish. I then stick it in the microwave on 50% power for 3 minutes. Often I will not need 3 minutes, but I am lazy and would rather stop and start it multiple times than have to reset the 50% power setting. Stop every minute or 30 seconds and then stir till it is the consistency of smooth. Do not leave it too long without stirring. Better to be cautious than over cook. Figure out how your microwave likes it by trial and error.
2. Stir in essence and colouring.
3. Spread evenly on cookie tray covered in baking paper.
4. Place in fridge for an hour.
5. Cut up Mint Bubbly into chunks.
6. Melt milk chocolate in similar way to white.
7.  Spread milk chocolate over green chocolate layer.
8. Sprinkle Bubbly over milk chocolate layer before it sets.
9. Return to fridge until firm ( a good 2 hours).
10. Cut roughly into large odd shaped pieces. Serve and enjoy!

Not the best picture... But yummy!

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