More chocolate bark ideas

January 03, 2015

I gave Christmas bark as presents to work colleagues this year. I can't stress how simple and quick it is to whip up trays of this stuff! Plus it goes down a treat. Head back to my posts from December 2012 if you would like some more ideas.
However, essentially it is:

Chocolate Bark

1. Melt chocolate
2. Spread on baking tray
3. Add fun topping
4. Stick in fridge
5. Break up
Here are some of the ideas from this year:
Dark chocolate Oreo with a white chocolate drizzle
Clockwise: Peppermint Bark, Freeze Dried strawberry, Freckle
Clinker- as the name describes chopped up Clinkers in milk chocolate
Jelly snake...yum!
Pretzels and cream.... milk chocolate base, pretzels, plus a dark and white chocolate drizzle. The favourite at work!

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  1. I think you will like my Chocolate Fudge. It is simple and relatively quick!



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