D.I.Y Napkins

November 21, 2015

It was a good friends birthday recently. Not just any birthday...the big 3-0, which she managed to celebrate in a very unique way...but that is her story for another day. Anyway, I had been racking my brain for awhile for what to get that was different, special and would work in her newly renovated home. I spotted some Pins awhile back that were for multicoloured napkins and just knew a set of these in orange would be perfect to compliment her beautiful new dining area.

This was also going to be my first attempt at using my overlocker...thankfully, I have a lovely mother who helped me out try and make sense of tensions!! My early attempts, well, there were a lot of early attempts!!

Then the other drama was sourcing the fabric and the cotton. When I stopped in at the local spotlight to source some fabric it was mayhem, more so than normal. Turns out they were relocating, but it didn't help the fact that the shelves were half empty and the place was a mess. I couldn't find a cotton/linen that I liked at a price that worked for me...then I discovered the curtains on sale. Problem solved! One curtain, which I think was about 140x220cm made a set of 8, with 2 additional ones I had stuffed up, and maybe 2 more to spare. 

Now then the cotton, I was sure I wasn't going to be able to find orange overlocking cotton, and after there being a total of 2 reels of orange in the whole of Spotlight I gave up and tried the local Craft Depot. It took me a while to decide on which cotton or polyester reels to get, I had finally decided on what I thought would do, took them to the counter and discovered a whole range of overlocker thread in its own section...including (with some rummaging) 4 reels of orange. WIN!!!

D.I.Y Edged Napkins

You Need:

-3 Spools of thread in colour of choice
-Enough linen/heavy cotton/fabric to make the desired number.
DIY Napkin Supplies

What to do:

1. I measured and cut my fabric to 45cm squares. 
2. Overlocked in orange doing a tight/rolled hem along each side.
3. Trimmed the ends.
DIY Napkin Process

Next job...find some teal thread...I want a set for me!!!

Note: Spend some time fiddling around to get the right tensions on your machine that work best for your fabric. Mine ended up being quite a bit different to the machine's manual.

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