What is the deal with pain?

February 25, 2016

I have been pondering the concept of pain lately...my body keeps throwing these curve balls at me...and some days the pain has been off the chart. Completely random...like how can your scalp hurt so much that you cannot find a comfortable way to wear your hair? Or your gums ache like they have been flossed by wire when you haven't flossed your teeth in days (don't tell my dentist that one!)? 

Yet, as I contemplate this...I am drawn back time and time again to the 'why'. And time and time again I am reminded of my faith. It's hard to explain...yet when you are lying there in pain, and you cant cope any longer with how your body is reacting, deep down inside you are reminded of hope. A hope that transcends anything physical of this world. That reaches way beyond the here and now. Beyond the excrutiation. Beyond the life on hold. Beyond the high potency pain killers that are not even making a dent. I honestly don't know how I could be doing this journey without hope.

So, out of that hope came these rather poetic ramblings of pain and my faith. Had no intention to pull out a bit more poetry so soon...it just happened!

What is the deal with pain?

What is the deal with pain?
What does it have that leaves such disdain?

Why does it encroach on all aspects of your life?
Why is it the instigator of such strife?

How does it start?
How is it so off the chart?

It demands to be felt.
This hand it has dealt.

It consumes...it engulfs...
it challenges your thoughts.

A five or a ten,
Is different friend to friend.

How does our body register...
And process and make sense...

This beautiful complex body system that God created,
Is so often understated,

In the midst how do you find the joy?
Or is it really all just a ploy?

It challenges your faith.
Yet, gives you so much grace.

You see the suffering of others...
You feel the pain that more than bothers.

Yet, a reminder of the One who suffered more,
Who knew what was in store.

Who went humbly onto the cross,
A death, yet not a loss.

His life was not in vain,
Future heaven now my gain.

A future I can see,
I can now grasp it was for me.

Freed one day from the pain,
This life is not what will remain.

My body still hurts,
The pain still entangles, engulfs.

But things of this world are temporal,
One day the pain will be no more.

The pain of today,
Yet, the comfort, the hope,
And the longing of tomorrow.
Relieves me of the sorrow.

The journey is still hard,
But will not be in vain.

This is the deal with pain.

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