Deck the walls with some easy doily bunting

October 22, 2014

I have recently been rechallenged to be looking at how I am looking after myself and acknowledging the fact I have Chronic Fatigue. So I am working on, continually, being still and trusting my way to the Lord. This is so hard, when it seems like everything is out of my control. Learning to trust that God has the best for me and things like this season are in His control.

Continuing to learn this!

So, I have officially spent the day doing nothing... well, almost nothing.
I have crocheted a bit, I have watched some New Girl, I have read my book, I have tried to not tackle anything on my To Do list of projects. However, I thought it was ok to expend some energy writing this post.
So, here we are, a make it, bake it, fake it project. An easy one I promise. All you need to be able to do is cut, fold and sew in a straight line.

Doily Bunting

A quick and easy bunting for Christmas, a tea party or for just around the house.
Doily Bunting
I was wandering past a local Vinnies store on a wet day off.
These beautiful doilies jumped out at me out of the haberdashery bin. A quick trip to Spotlight to grab some cream ribbon and an hour or so later and I was done with almost 15m of bunting.


Doilies of choice
Cream thread for sewing machine
Sewing machine and scissors
Ribbon (wide enough to fold in half)
Doilies on sale at Vinnies


What to do

1. Cut doilies in half.
2. Pin half pieces of doily at regular lengths along the ribbon.
3. Fold ribbon in half over both sides of the doily.
4. Stitch along the length of ribbon using a zig zag stitch. Make sure you catch the whole edge of the doily in the stitches. Leave enough length at each end to be able to tie up your bunting.
Doily Bunting

Pretty for the wall, a window, a party or just because!

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  1. One of my daughters got married in May this year and she had made doiley buntings to string up. Looked fabulous! Went so well with the heritage listed house where the wedding was held (Cobbity Anglican Manse since the church was too small!)



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