My CFS Story- Part 2: Suddenly I couldn't

October 21, 2014

2013 started with more training, more running, more exercise, a new job, my brother's wedding (yay- I got a sister!). With a group of friends from church we were training for Tough Mudder. It was fun. I was loving trying to conquer a pull up (achieved!), and pushing myself to do things I never thought I could. I even had a half marathon on the possible radar. I was enjoying the social life, I was loving my new job, I was content. I was happy.

Beach view at the end of completing the Spit to Manly walk in early 2013.

However, my nose was still constantly running, I still felt like I had a low grade virus that just wouldn't go away.

I still remember the garagefit workout that changed everything. It was a 800m run, followed by pull ups or squats or kettle bell swings (or something like that), and then as many rounds as possible in 20minutes. I had tested it out during the week. I could potentially do 3 rounds in that time and that was my aim.  I was running 20+kms each week and so thought not much of the workout. However, little was I to know that a pesky 800m run was going to start the snowball effect that would impact the next couple of years.

I don't know what was different on this Saturday morning, as opposed to any other morning. We began the WOD. We began the run. Sudddenly, I was struggling, I was out of breath. I couldn't breathe. Was I having an asthma attack? Ventolin wasn't doing a whole lot. I couldn't keep going.  I felt a whole lot like this quote I had found on Pinterest about being more annoyed that you couldn't finish a WOD more than the injury itself!

A couple of days later I headed to the doctor with a long list of random things I had listed in my iPhone about what my body was doing.

Off I went for tests....
Blood tests.
Respiratory Specialists
No answers.

It even got to the point when I was told that maybe it could be psychological. However, that just didn't sit well with me.
So, after that appointment, I went home, put on my running gear and headed to the oval. Maybe if this was psychological I could run my hardest and push past whatever psychological barrier was there.
Let me tell you, it definitely wasn't psychological!

Anyway, by this stage I had eased up on the running and was just doing non cardio workouts. Anything to keep my breathing vaguely normal.

However, tough mudder was looming and so I did all I could to be ready. 

Little did I know that the journey God had me on from this point on would remind me a lot of tough mudder, just a whole lot longer than 20kms.

I am to learn what this truly means over the coming months.

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